"The RAVAS-1 is robust, attractively priced, and easy to work with."  


Determine weights with hand pallet truck scales

Baustoff Zentrale Nord sells wood and building materials from 12 sites in Niedersachsen, north-west Germany. Granite cobblestones are part of BZN’s delivery program. They are received and shipped in wire containers. In the past, when preparing an order for 1,000 kg cobblestones, the order weight was reached by counting out the stones, assuming an average weight per stone. There were considerable disadvantages to this method. It was very time consuming: the cobblestones had to be lifted from one container into the other one by one, while counting them out. And since there is quite a variation in the size and weight per stone, the estimated order weight proved very unreliable.

Save a lot of time

BZN decided to order a RAVAS-1 load indication system for nine of the sites. The RAVAS-1 makes the order preparation process for cobblestones faster and more efficient. For a 1,000 kg order a full wire container is lifted by the RAVAS-1. After having tared out the weight of the container, stones are added or taken away until the RAVAS-1 indicates approximately 1,000 kg. With a tolerance of ± 20 kg BZN comes much closer to the real order weight than with the old counting method. And since granite cobblestones are not particularly expensive (about 14 euro cent per kilo), the limited accuracy of the RAVAS-1 is sufficient. All in all, the BZN subsidiaries save a lot time during their order preparation.

RAVAS-1: ' Robust' and 'value for money'

BZN is quite positive about the RAVAS-1. They mention its robustness, attractive pricing, and how easy it is to work with. Every now and then the units are also used in goods reception and shipping.



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Shipping weights



Shipping weights

Every company that ships goods needs to know the weight of these goods as accurately as possible. The sender is required by law to declare the correct weight on the shipping documents. Overloads and incorrect declaration can cause a lot of trouble. Determining shipping weights is probably the most common use of a hand pallet truck scale. It’s in the shipping department where time can be saved by weighing mobile. Middle and smaller sized companies seldom handle large numbers of pallets per day. However, efficient weighing in the shipping department offers other advantages as well. Shipping weights can be printed on a ticket, together with an order number and date and time.