"Return relative to the monthly lease payment is immediate upon implementation."


iForks signal picking errors

Using iForks, DSC’s WMS now checks pick weights per line relative to the theoretical weight, to confirm pick accuracy. If the real and expected weights do not correlate, the operator checks for accuracy and errors are corrected at the picking slot. This process has all but eliminated the labor consuming task of checking each finished pallet on the shipping dock.

More benefits than expected

During a five month test period with iForks, DSC Logistics realized more benefits than originally expected. In addition to reducing picking errors, operators could now be evaluated using the error score generated by the Accu-Pick paperless system. Operators making too many errors were made aware and began working with a higher level of discipline, resulting in more accuracy and a higher pick rate per hour. Additionally, suppliers whose product showed weight deviations were contacted resulting in improved supply chain quality control. After the testing period, DSC decided to incorporate iForks into five of their distribution warehouse operations.

Higher service level, more efficient

At this stage, Jim Chamberlain is convinced that using iForks will result in a higher service level to their clients more efficient operations. Further he estimates that the return relative to the monthly lease payment is immediate upon implementation. He feels mobile weighing has the potential to be implemented in all of DSC Logistics distribution centres, checking both picking and shipping processes. Accu-Pick and Accu-Ship will be offered to customers as added value to DSC’s logistic services.



DSC Logistics

Des Plaines, Illinois (USA)

Order picking

Order picking
In order picking performance comes down to two things: speed and accuracy. Errors mean a burden on the organisation, because they cost time, money and goodwill. Weighing on order picking trucks helps preventing picking errors. If an error is signaled, the order picker can react immediately and correct the error where the cost is lowest: at the picking slot. If the integrated scale is used in its counting mode, the order picker can also read on the display how many articles in the order line he has picked. This will raise his handling speed and reduce the opportunity for counting errors.