From mobile weighing to Creating Intelligence

Innovation and 'Booster'

The world of material handling is not the only thing in full swing. Since the takeover at the end of 2018, RAVAS has evolved, consolidated, and expanded mobile weighing in the logistical industry for the upcoming years with their 'Booster' project. Niels van den Berg, the current CEO of RAVAS Europe, discussed the project saying, "As a management team, we have invested heavily in a clear strategic plan over the past year to realize our ambitions. This plan, which is starting to take shape internally under the name 'Booster,' shows that RAVAS has an excellent starting position in a growth market full of opportunities and possibilities. Naturally, innovation will play a prominent role in this. Especially at a product and solution level, we will accelerate many innovations to the market."

When asked how innovation will be secured organization-wide, Niels replied, "We have chosen to create a dedicated position within the management. As of 1 October, I will hand over my CEO tasks to Frank van Rijnsoever, the current Sales & Marketing Director, and focus exclusively on boosting innovation within R&D and Quality as Innovation & Technology Director. For me, this is a challenge that will allow me to indulge my passion for technology fully, and I am looking forward to further shaping this role together with my fellow board members and team."

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Frank van Rijnsoever, CEO:

“We see it as a journey that takes an entire team, transforming from a technical, product-driven organization into a technological partner that knows how to optimize every logistics chain by making valuable, real-time data on weight and dimensions available.”

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From mobile weighing to Creating Intelligence

Strategic routes

The Booster strategic plan prescribes a starting point, intermediate stations, and a final destination. Each board member is responsible for their route. Although innovation, technology, and sales are stepping in, there are necessary steps to take in Operations, HR, and Finance. Petrik Erens, RAVAS Operations Director, explains more about the new building, "The upcoming move to the new premises, with a production facility up to 10 times larger than our current housing, will be a good benchmark to determine where we stand. For the layout of the factory, efficiency and strength to cope with growth were, of course, leading factors. Still, we mapped out our processes at an early stage and anticipated upcoming developments."

Finance Director Joost Geleijns also discussed the new strategic route finance would have in the booster project, "By mapping out processes and continuously improving them, we ensure not to have to work harder, but rather smarter. The base must be good because you can build on it, and we make grateful use of the opportunities this digital age offers us. RAVAS has accelerated its digital transformation because of Covid-19. Even though we haven't gone through the complete transformation yet, it's already yielding a great many benefits when it comes to KPIs, dashboards, result-oriented work, cooperation, and internal communication."

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