3M weighs advanced materials with iforks on rwe reach stackers

In Belgium, in the Antwerp Port area, in the shadow of surrounding heavy industries, 3M Specialty Materials is located. The Antwerp site produces mainly...

Neele-Vat sees advantages in SOLAS Method #2

Out of the Port of Rotterdam, Neele-Vat ships thousands of sea containers per year. As of July 2016 all these containers must be weighed, because of the amendments to SOLAS regulations. That’s why this logistic service provider equips his forklifts with iForks weighing forks.

RAVAS contributes to Guinness book of records with largest fish finger

A RAVAS-2100 was used to determine the weight of the largest fish finger ever. The fish finger will be included in the Guinness Book of records. Watch the video and check out what...

Weighing stacker with original fork dimensions

Instead of incorporating load cells in the forks, a carriage plate scale construction was chosen for this stacker. Major advantage: the original fork dimensions remain intact, allowing easy entry into pallets and containers. 

You request...

DEKRA certifies Explosion-proof pallet trucks for Bayer

Bayer ordered explosion proof weighing systems on their stacker trucks,...

iForks Economy 2.0: perfect for weighing inbound and outbound goods

iForks Economy 2.0 is a simple and low cost version of the successful iForks, the wireless scale forks for...

8 ton forklift truck with 2.4m iForks weighing forks for Schlumberger

Accurate, easy to install and to operate

Since Schlumberger started operating in Romania they experienced to get fines due to overloading. In order to prevent this for happening again Schlumberger required a...

Proline-2100 EXi with Bluetooth connectivity

The 2100 indicator on the RAVAS explosion proof scale is EXi, intrinsically safe in hazardous environments. But the Bluetooth module is not. Therefore on the pallet truck it is built into an EXd pressure housing. This limits the range of the connection to 30m.

Johnson controls creates sustainability, using warehouse trucks with RAVAS scales

Johnson Controls is a leading supplier of lead acid batteries for virtually every type of passenger car, light truck or utility vehicle. They deliver fresh batteries to over 10,000 customer locations on a regular basis. Johnson Controls offers a spent battery pick-up service as part of their sustainability program. The lead in the batteries is recycled and reused in new batteries, electronics, automotive parts and more. Today, automotive batteries are made up of 80% recycled material.

Weighscan: an economic scanner with simple data capture

The weighscan…

  • is simple to use;
  • is economically priced;
  • can be paired with different RAVAS scales;
  • can be used with any RAVAS indicator fitted with a Bluetooth device;
  • is ideal...