RAVAS iPT Essential with display

Introduction of RAVAS iPT Essential   


One of the highlights at the booth is the introduction of the brand-new RAVAS iPT Essential. This advanced hand pallet truck, equipped with the award winning RedBox technology, represents a new generation in mobile weighing and is designed with ease of use, reliability, ergonomics, uptime and innovation in mind, allowing end-users to benefit from an advanced mobile weighing solution that optimizes their logistics processes and enhances efficiency. 


The patented innovative display on the handle of the RAVAS iPT Essential provides graphic information on essential parameters, including gravity adjustment, overload warnings, truck tilt, and load cell malfunctions. This improves, among other things, the accuracy of weighing and the safety of the user. The e-paper display reduces eye strain and enhances readability. Additionally, the very low power consumption contributes to prolonged battery life and accordingly higher uptime. Recharging the batteries is on average only required once per 6 months. The physical position of the display on the handle brings big ergonomic advantages for the user and increases ease of use. The RAVAS iPT Essential will be available from April 2024 on. 


Award-winning RAVAS iCP with Weigh in Motion  


Additionally, the RAVAS iCP with Weigh in Motion is showcased at the booth. Recently honored with the award for 'Most Innovative Product for Logistics, Transport, and Production 2023' during the Logistyki, Transportu i Produkcji gala in Warsaw, Poland, and currently nominated for the esteemed International Forklift Truck of the Year (IFOY) Award.


The Weigh in Motion technology on an intelligent carriage plate (iCP) ensures accurate and reliable weight determination while a forklift is in motion. This results in significant time savings and cost reduction, as the driver can weigh without stopping. It also prevents unnecessary additional transport movements and manual activities, contributing to higher efficiency, lower risk of accidents, better sustainability, and increased employee satisfaction compared to traditional weighing methods. 


The seamless integration of Weigh in Motion technology with TMS, WMS, or ERP systems enables real-time weight control, load optimization, and prevention of over- or underloading of trucks, ensuring streamlined operations and maximum productivity. Additionally, data can be automatically collected, stored, and analyzed. This integration promotes the weight registration process, improves inventory accuracy, and facilitates data-driven decision-making. 


RAVAS Weigh in Motion-technology on an iCP
RAVAS Ergotruck

Work smarter, not harder 


Another innovation in booth #10F76 is the new and improved RAVAS ErgoTruck. A weighing electric pallet truck, capable of moving, weighing, and lifting loads up to 1,500 kg. The latest edition boasts a larger and improved battery along with a more powerful and stable electric scale truck. With electric driving, lifting, and lowering capabilities, as well as easier maintenance through separate units, it offers unmatched value for money. It seamlessly integrates RAVAS' efficient weighing scales, a lithium-ion battery, and Bluetooth technology. The ErgoTruck is the ultimate solution for warehouses, outperforming hand pallet trucks and floor scales. 


Bert de Greeff, Global Manager Marketing, Communication & Product Management of RAVAS, states, "We are delighted to present our latest innovations at LogiMAT. Our focus on advanced weighing technologies enables businesses to improve their logistics processes, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. The recognition received by the RAVAS iCP with Weigh in Motion in Poland is a testament to the impact our products have on the industry. LogiMAT visitors are invited to visit our booth, where the expert team is available to answer questions, provide demonstrations, and thoroughly explain the benefits of RAVAS products."  

About RAVAS  


RAVAS, founded in the 1970s in Zaltbommel, the Netherlands, has evolved over the years into a global player with 200 employees. RAVAS is present in 8 European countries and the United States and serves other customers with their equipment, software and consultancy through a worldwide network of professional partners.  


As a leading manufacturer and supplier of mobile weighing solutions, RAVAS integrates weighing and measuring technology into various logistic equipment, such as hand pallet trucks, electric warehouse trucks, stackers and forklifts. Focusing on optimizing material handling in logistic and industrial applications. By generating real-time data on material flows, RAVAS contributes to improving production and logistic supply chains, with data being exchanged with TMS, WMS, or ERP business systems. 


With an innovative team of specialists, RAVAS aims to provide intelligent solutions and services for global supply chains. The mobile weighing solutions collect accurate data, including legal for trade, on material flows in weight and volume, in real-time and during movement. Additionally, the solutions seamlessly integrate with existing material handling equipment, allowing current systems to be transformed into efficient weighing machines. This enables working safer, more efficiently and faster; saving costs and creating extra revenue, supported by RAVAS' excellent after-sales service. 


Visit us at LogiMAT Stuttgart 2024

We are located in hall 10, at stand 10F76