RAVAS, the market and innovation leader in mobile weighing systems for the warehouse logistics and LTL shipping industries, is running successful pilots with the biggest Global logistics companies. Introduction of the RAVAS iCP with Weigh in Motion is scheduled for March 2024, at LogiMAT in Stuttgart.



Benefits of Weigh in Motion 

Weighing in motion offers efficiency and time savings, as forklift trucks can directly weigh loads, eliminating the need for a separate scale. With this new technology, RAVAS ensures accurate and reliable weight, enhancing inventory management, logistics, and quality control. Integration into forklifts reduces infrastructure costs and enables continuous monitoring during loading/unloading, optimizing loads and preventing overloading. Ideal for logistics, warehousing, re-weighing, and LTL shipping. RAVAS' Weigh in Motion technology, as from Q2 2024 available with iCP (Inteligent Carriage Plate) forklift scales, is designed for moving large volumes of palletized goods quickly.  


Thor van Rijk, R&D Team Leader at RAVAS, stated: “Where drivers in the past had to physically stop the forklift truck for a few seconds to generate the weight, we now have developed automatic Weigh in Motion technology based on smart algorithms. Drivers can drive without having to think of generating the weight, the system will handle the weighing automatically. This enables drivers to weigh on the go, without stops or interruptions. Not even a button press is needed. The RAVAS Weigh in Motion technology combines high resolution and certified sensors with fast electronics and custom software performing sensor fusing and running smart algorithms. These algorithms will store the weight automatically when the correct weight has been calculated allowing for an optimal logistical process. OIML only requires the system to be zeroed every now and then.“  

Introduction to the market 

Bert de Greeff, Global Marketing Manager at RAVAS, stated, "The RAVAS iCP with Weigh in Motion serves as an attachment for various forklift truck brands and models equipped with a FEM2 carriage. It is capable of wirelessly transmitting weight data or through a serial connection. We are excited about the upcoming launch of this innovative product at LogiMAT '24, where we will also unveil another groundbreaking product. Winning this award underscores our leading and innovative position in the logistics sector." 


Michael van Dijk, International Key Account Manager at RAVAS: “During the pilots with some of the biggest Global logistics companies, data integration and automation were mentioned as additional benefits of the RAVAS iCP Weigh in Motion system. Wirelessly sharing data with warehouse management systems or other software applications allows for automated data collection, storage, and analysis. This integration streamlines the process of recording weight information, improves inventory accuracy, and facilitates data-driven decision-making.”