Cooperation EP and RAVAS

Partners in innovation

VP Sales and Marketing Bennit Schmieder told the EP team: “Having known RAVAS for many years, their knowledge on mobile weighing system is unreached by any other company. We are very happy to have been partners with RAVAS for several years now and to have develop trucks, designed for the specific requirements of their weighing systems. The partnership has since evolved, and we are excited about their growth strategy as we continue to work and grow together.”

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RAVAS' International Sales Manager gave EP’s Katie Oakley some of his time to discuss RAVAS, the partnership with EP, the benefits mobile weighing brings to the material handling industry and their current and future innovations.

How did the partnership of EP and RAVAS begin?

"EP and RAVAS first came together at CEMAT in 2018 where we both had booths. The RAVAS team were looking for a strong partner with a well-designed product and quality aftersales to supply our electric pallet trucks at the time and this is how the partnership began. EP also has many strong industry relationships and connections that work well to support the expansion of RAVAS as we plan a growth strategy together."

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Why does the partnership work so well?

"Right now, at RAVAS, we work with the EPL153(1) and our team and end users love the truck. When it is in combination with the technology from RAVAS it is clear that together we have crafted an even stronger and more unique material handling solution for operators around the world."

"RAVAS and EP have similar goals and our growth strategies are aligned to accommodate increased production volumes, sales, and further innovative product developments. At RAVAS we have a very clear vision for the next 5 years and we see this same passion and drive reflected in EP Equipment. Working with dynamic partners is key for future success and the partner we know we can trust is EP."

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