Accurate, easy to install and to operate

Since Schlumberger started operating in Romania they experienced to get fines due to overloading. In order to prevent this for happening again Schlumberger required a weighing system that should be as accurate as possible, easy to install and to operate. They need a weighing system for a 8 tons forklift truck for loading and unloading containers with equipment and drilling steel pipes. The forks should be 2400 mm to be sure that they cover all the container's width.  

Customized solution

After a demo with wireless weighing forks, iForks, Schlumberger reacted positively and the management was convinced that the iForks 8000 would be perfect for them. 

You ask, we solve...

RAVAS has the flexibility and expertise to meet the most specific requirements and needs. Non-standard dimensions, software for customer-specific scale applications, pivoting or raised displays, cold store versions, or even completely custom-built mobile weighing systems. The people at RAVAS will always provide a solution to your specific problem.