Forklift truck scales - iForks

The high accuracy iForks version, with extended scale functions and weight data communication.

iForks is the successful wireless scale for forklift trucks, reach trucks and narrow aisle trucks. Performance Line iForks provide a highly accurate weight read-out in 1 kg display steps, and are available in legal for trade version OIML III. Extended scale functions include parts counting and entry of ID codes with every weight recorded. The Performance Line version of iForks is also able to communicate bi-directionally with WMS or ERP systems, via Bluetooth or Wifi connection. 


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Resistant for rough use and very compact

Each scale fork communicates the weight lifted with the weight indicator in the cabin via Bluetooth, so completely wireless. The weighing system is powered by robust, exchangeable battery modules. All electronics and power components are exclusively developed by RAVAS for the iForks concept. Which is why they are not only resistant to rough use, but also extremely compact, keeping the fork dimensions (w x h = 133 x 58 mm) very close to those of standard lift truck forks and making sure that the user does not loose any handling performance.

Completely wireless forklift scale

The iForks weight indicator in the cabin shows the weight of the load on the forks and offers a complete range of weighing functions: gross/net weighing, total weight per shipment, code entry, date/time registration, and piece counting. The indicator can provide weight data transfer to a printer, a data terminal, or directly to a WMS or ERP system, via RS232, or wireless via Bluetooth or WiFi. The display is equipped with backlight, making it perfectly readable even in the darkest corners of a warehouse or production environment. iForks offers Digital Calibration Technology: via the keys of the indicator the scale can be digitally adjusted, quickly and accurately. Which makes for a very maintenance friendly weighing system and low cost of ownership.

User supervises power management himself

The user can supervise the power management of the iForks himself. The weighing system has an  auto-shut-off function which automatically switches off the electronics after a prolonged period of non-use. Via a power management menu on the indicator the user can adjust the auto-shut-off time according to the use and application of the truck.

Wireless scale for fork lift trucks

iForks is available in a legal for trade version. RAVAS iForks received certificate number T2735, for the iForks with a graduation of 1000 parts in 2 kg steps:

  • iForks 2500: 0-2000 kg in 2 kg steps, over 2000 kg in 5 kg steps
  • iForks 3000: (to a fork length of 1300 mm, 2 load cells per fork) 0-2000 in 2 kg steps, over 2000 kg,  in 5 kg steps;
  • iForks 5000: (to a fork length of 1300 mm, 2 load cells per fork) 0-5000 in 5 kg steps (5-ton load cells).

Data communication and printing

The iForks wireless indicator has an alibi memory. The legal for trade iForks with option Bluetooth output is therefore also certified, which allows data communication and printing with a Bluetooth printer.