Special of the Year

Known as one of the most prestigious awards within the international forklift industry, the IFOY Award highlights the most innovative and impactful developments within the industry. RAVAS is honored to win in the Special of the Year category, which specifically focuses on innovations that contribute to improved profitability, sustainability and working conditions.   


International Key Account Manager Micheal van Dijk accepted the award at the ceremony in Baden near Vienna: "The nomination confirms our commitment to innovation and quality. Our Weigh in Motion technology means a revolutionary improvement in logistics processes and increases safety on the shop floor. We are proud of this recognition and the opportunities this technology brings to the industry." 


About Weigh in Motion

RAVAS' Weigh in Motion technology makes it possible to weigh loads while the forklift is in motion. 


The RAVAS iCP-WiM 2500 ensures accurate weight measurement without having to stop the forklift, saving time and costs. This reduces unnecessary transport movements and increases efficiency and safety. The technology also enables instant billing thanks to calibrated values. 


Integration with TMS, WMS or ERP systems provides real-time weight control and load optimization, preventing over- or underloading of trucks. This promotes streamlined operations, maximum productivity, and data-driven decision-making. The technology is ideal for situations where large quantities of pelleted goods need to be moved quickly, such as in logistics, warehousing, and LTL shipments. 

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