It's simple; just pick up a pallet and go. A scale equipped with Weigh in Motion tabulates the weight while the forklift truck is on the move. As a result, moving pallets within a warehouse is expedited, and the logistics process is streamlined. RAVAS' Weigh in Motion technology saves forklift operators valuable time, which adds to significant revenue increases. 


Benefits of Weigh in Motion


There are several benefits of weighing in motion. At the top of the list are efficiency and time savings. Weighing loads directly on the forklift truck saves time and effort compared to traditional weighing methods. Operators can quickly determine the weight of the load without needing to move it to a separate weighing scale, reducing material handling steps and increasing overall efficiency.


Furthermore, our Weigh in Motion scales provide accurate and reliable weight with high precision. As a result, you can improve inventory management, logistics, quality control, and billing by capturing accurate weight data. In addition, precise weight information helps prevent errors in inventory tracking, optimize load distribution, and maintain compliance with weight regulations.


Besides, integrating weighing capabilities into forklift trucks eliminates the need for separate equipment or fixed floor scales. This reduction in infrastructure requirements can lead to cost savings in equipment purchases, installation, maintenance, and space utilization.

And finally, Weigh in Motion technology provides continuous weighing during the loading and unloading process. This feature allows for real-time weight monitoring, optimizes loads, and avoids truck overloading or underloading. As a result, it helps to streamline operations and maximize productivity.


Forklift truck scales with Weigh in Motion technology are best suited where large volumes of palletized goods need to be moved within a limited timeframe. Logistics, warehousing, re-weighing, and LTL shipping operations are the primary beneficiaries of this technology.



Data communication to ERP or WMS

Data integration and automation are additional benefits Weigh in Motion systems offer. Wirelessly sharing data with warehouse management systems or other software applications allows for automated data collection, storage, and analysis. This integration streamlines the process of recording weight information, improves inventory accuracy, and facilitates data-driven decision-making.

Improved safety

Weigh in Motion technology for forklift truck scales also provides improved safety by minimizing the need for additional equipment and manual handling. By eliminating the steps to lift the load, moving it to a different location, and then weighing it separately, Weigh in Motion technology reduces the risk of accidents, such as dropping loads during transfers or injuries from manual lifting.


With Weigh in Motion technology, you gather reliable weighing data and accurate shipping details in real-time. As a result, it improves your process efficiency, saving you time and providing accuracy so you get paid for the service you deliver.

Bert de Greeff, Marketing & Product Manager at RAVAS

"RAVAS Weigh in Motion technology is ideally suited for moving large quantities of palletised goods within a short time frame, e.g. for logistics, warehousing, re-movement and LTL shipments."

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Award-winning technology


We are proud that the Weigh in Motion technology has been nominated for the renowned International Forklift Truck of the Year (IFOY) Award. The nomination recognizes the innovative Weigh in Motion technology on an intelligent carriage plate (iCP) developed for forklifts.


"This nomination for the IFOY Award is confirmation of our commitment to innovation and quality," says Michael van Dijk, International Key Account Manager at RAVAS. "With Weigh in Motion technology, we are taking a big step forward in optimizing logistics processes and increasing safety on the shop floor."


The IFOY Award, recognized as one of the most prestigious awards in the international forklift industry, puts a spotlight on the most innovative and impactful developments in the industry. RAVAS is delighted to be nominated in the 'Special of the Year' category, focusing on improving profitability, sustainability and physical and psychological working conditions.


Cross Docking Solutions

RAVAS cross docking solutions enable you to collect the weight of your goods in the flow and integrate these data into your WMS or ERP system. For example, optimize inbound checks on weight in aviation industries to optimize and secure the loading of an aircraft. Furthermore, weighing can also be used for incoming shipments, invoicing, and optimizing load factors.

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