Ergonomic working 

Ergonomic working and weighing, indispensable for the sustainable employability of personnel. Not only does good ergonomics ensure that employees are not subjected to unnecessary physical strain, it also ensures that working is easier and therefore more enjoyable. RAVAS understands the importance of ergonomics for companies and launches a new and improved Ergo Truck model. 

Fully electric  

It is a well-known product from the RAVAS product range: the Ergo Truck. As a specialist in mobile weighing technology, they know like no other how technology develops every day. Therefore RAVAS has worked on an even better model of pallet truck for ergonomic work and weighing tasks. The renewed and improved Ergo Truck is ideal for moving and weighing heavy pallets over short distances. Both the drive and lifting system are electric, making bending, pushing and pulling a thing of the past.  

Enhanced Weighing Functions 

The improved standard weighing functions of the Ergo Truck make it a true all-rounder. The Li-ion interchangeable battery pack allows the truck to be used for many working hours, for example, to check incoming goods, determine shipping weights, count parts or prevent overloading. The electric drive is easy to operate with the buttons on the handle. Thus, heavy pallets with a maximum of 1,500 kilograms are easily transported from A to B. Depending on the functionalities of the chosen indicator, it is also possible to collect data in an ERP or WMS.  

More info about the Ergo Truck

Combines weighing and moving in one truck

Ergo Truck

Watch the video explaining the application and all the benefits of the Ergo Truck.

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