New: the RAVAS Ergo-Truck 2

With a capacity of up to 1500 kg, the RAVAS Ergo-Truck 2 offers a powerful solution for moving and accurately weighing heavy loads over short distances. This cost-efficient, electrically powered pallet truck combines excellent ergonomics with the functionalities of conventional weighing pallet trucks, complemented by improved power and ease of use. 

The Ergo-Truck 2 is specially designed to effortlessly handle heavy loads of 750kg and above. It offers a practical solution that reduces workers' physical exertion while speeding up and simplifying workflow. With this advanced electric weighing pallet truck, you retain the benefits of traditional hand pallet trucks while enjoying added convenience. 

Bert de Greeff, Manager of Marketing, Communications & Product Management

"The combination of RAVAS weighing technology with this electric pallet truck, maximizes the efficiency of logistics processes and requires only a modest investment that quickly pays for itself."  

Want to know more about the RAVAS Ergo-Truck 2? 

RAVAS Ergo-Truck 2
Weighing capacity
Max. 1.500kg
Scale part
Up to 500 kg: 0.5 kg, up to 1,500 kg: 1 kg
Max. tolerance
0.1% of the recorded load
LCD 2-color, digit height 20 mm, backlight
Power consumption
Power supply
Via truck battery, including inverter/regulator

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