Effectively handle shipments and returns and maximize customer satisfaction

Generate data on weight and volume without modifying existing warehouse processes

The courier, express and parcel services industry operates in a highly unpredictable business environment. To control constantly changing situations, effectively handle all shipments and returns, maximize customer satisfaction and perfectly plan all processes, it is necessary to use innovative technologies. This is why DPD Poland, one of the leaders in logistics and transport, turned to RAVAS to support them with advanced mobile weighing technology to automatically weigh and measure their palletized goods, and of course use this data to optimize their supply chain.  

'At DPD Poland, we focus on innovation and we are looking for solutions that maximize day-to-day operations related to handling growing volumes', says Joanna Ślażyńska, Sorting House project coordinator at DPD Poland. 'We needed the possibility of wireless transfer of data obtained in operational traffic. However, there were only solutions on the market that used stationary solutions for weighing and dimensioning. We were interested in RAVAS' mobile weighing systems because this technology allowed us to generate weight and volume data in the flow of our processes.’ 

Valuable data on material flows 

‘RAVAS products provide valuable data on material flows, allowing IT systems to communicate with trucks. Efficient processing and management of data on both weight and dimensions enables companies like DPD to streamline their supply chains, thereby reducing operating costs. For DPD, each LPE 200 truck is equipped with RAVAS weighing technology, integrated into the truck's forks. The weighing data is sent wirelessly, via WiFi, to the customer's system', explains Magdalena Futyma, Account Manager Poland at RAVAS. 


Information about the weight and dimensions of parcels is very valuable for a courier company. Shippers usually provide these values as indicative, which means that the actual weight and dimensions of shipments can vary significantly. 'At DPD Poland we have so far only measured and weighed shipments, we had no way of weighing and moving pallets. With RAVAS' mobile weighing systems, we could do that without modifying existing warehouse processes, so it brings a completely new quality to our operations', adds Joanna Ślżyńska. 

Added value for logistics, operations and sales

DPD Poland makes extensive use of data collected by mobile weighing systems. These go both to the operational departments that ensure the correct running and improvement of logistics processes, and to the sales department. Operational managers point out that the new solution provides DPD Poland with significant time and cost savings. Thanks to this innovative solution, they can plan processes more effectively and fully exploit the potential of their cargo. In turn, having a full spectrum of information on the shipments handled helps DPD's sales department to tailor the offer to customers' needs. 

In the intralogistical flow

The RAVAS mobile weighing systems make it possible to collect data on the weight of pallets during their transport, so in the flow of the intralogistics process. DPD Poland immediately noticed that the implementation and use of the mobile scales had no impact whatsoever on the warehouse layout, and the company gained a lot of new information. 

Mobile and wireless data transfer 

'As RAVAS, we have years of experience with mobile weighing', stresses Magdalena Futyma. 'We are primarily a manufacturer of mobile weighing technology, but we also create and supply solutions for wireless and mobile transfer of weighing data. Recently, we have been focusing strongly on the latter aspect of our business, as signals from the market indicate that the ability to identify weighed products and transfer data has become an extremely valuable asset.' 

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