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In the midst of the rapidly evolving world of e-commerce we find DPD Poland, part of DPD group: one of the largest international courier networks in Europe. With an extensive infrastructure consisting of three innovative sorting plants and an extensive network of 60 branches across Poland, DPD Poland serves the complex needs of the modern market, supported by a team of more than 8,000 dedicated couriers. 

In 2020, a year marked by an unprecedented increase in e-commerce activity, DPD Poland handled as many as 193.5 million parcels - an increase of more than 24% over the previous year. This impressive number highlights the crucial role DPD Poland plays in the network of sorting centers and distribution points. Faced with the growing complexity of logistics services - ranging from standard parcel deliveries to advanced solutions such as overnight deliveries and temperature-controlled food distribution - DPD Poland has focused on continuously improving and streamlining its processes. The introduction of mobile weighing systems marks a turning point in the pursuit of operational excellence, where cost reduction and efficiency go hand in hand. 

Joanna Ślażyńska, Project Coordinator at DPD Poland's Sorting House, underlines the innovative nature of this technological advance: "The integration of mobile weighing solutions into our operations represents a revolutionary step forward in our industry. As pioneers in innovation, we were determined to be among the first to embrace these cutting-edge technologies." 


Results within 1 week

The first tangible benefits within DPD Poland were visible within just one week - a lightning-fast confirmation of the effectiveness of mobile weighing. Joanna Ślażyńska, a key figure in the project, enthusiastically shares, "Integrating the weighing system on our warehouse trucks has given us the freedom to bypass the cumbersome process of static weighing. This direct approach has not only streamlined our workflow, but also contributed significantly to cost reduction, a real gamechanger in our operations." 

The cooperation with RAVAS is highly appreciated by DPD Poland, especially the smooth communication. Joanna emphasizes the satisfaction with the partnership and the role of their Account Manager at RAVAS: “We are very satisfied with the cooperation with RAVAS. We appreciate the ease of communication with our Account Manager and the efficiency of service orders.” 

Magdalena Futyma, the Account Manager in question at RAVAS, reinforces this story with her perspective: "From the initial consultation to the final implementation and maintenance, we worked closely with DPD Poland. Through direct interaction with their team, including the IT department, we were able to deeply analyze the needs and deliver a customized solution that perfectly matched their operational requirements." 

No static scale needed

Weighing directly on the warehouse trucks eliminated the need for static scales, saving valuable time within the work process. 

Direct data transfer

Weighing data is immediately sent to DPD Poland's central business system, ensuring fast and error-free data sharing and recording. 

Seamless integration

The integration of RAVAS' weighing systems with existing warehouse trucks ensures a perfect fit with today's logistics processes. 

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"The integration of this solution has created a nice synergy within our daily operations. The ability to take measurements without having to drive our vehicles past a static scale has made our cross-docking processes much more efficient." 


A perfect match

DPD Poland's success story and integration of mobile weighing systems is a perfect example of synergy and cooperation between different specialists. Toyota Material Handling Poland, a supplier of forklifts and warehouse solutions, played a crucial role in bringing together the right parties to map DPD Poland's needs and identify the most suitable solution. 

Magdalena Futyma of RAVAS recalls the beginning of this cooperation, "It was a unique opportunity to meet directly with DPD and other suppliers. This allowed us to fully understand DPD's specific requirements, and how our mobile weighing technology could respond to them." This approach ensured that all parties involved - DPD, Toyota Material Handling and RAVAS - were on the same page from the beginning. 

The goal was to equip DPD's Toyota LPE 200 warehouse trucks with an advanced weighing system, including wireless transmission of data to the central operating system. "We explained in detail the technical capabilities of our weighing systems and demonstrated how they can communicate seamlessly with DPD's internal systems," adds Futyma. 

Choosing a system that enables weighing and measuring on the warehouse truck was a strategic decision that perfectly matched the courier company's dynamic operations. Joanna Ślażyńska emphasizes, "This solution fitted well with our crossdocking processes and, thanks to its intuitive operation, required minimal training."  

Solutions for cross-docking

RAVAS' innovative mobile weighing technology is transforming the way palletized goods are processed during cross-docking. At DPD Poland, these goods are not only weighed directly on the warehouse truck, making the workflow seamless, but the dimensions are also determined instantly.

This crucial data is then communicated to the Warehouse Management System (WMS), allowing for more efficient data processing and management. This approach eliminates the need to move pallets to a separate, static scale, resulting in significant time and cost savings in the logistics process. In addition, the visibility of data in the central business system contributes to making strategic decisions within the organization.  

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