About ACP

ACP manufactures 2,500 different parts and supplies them to several well-known lorry builders. Every day 500 to 1,000 parts containers and boxes are shipped to contract partners. Counting the parts in each shipment is necessary to avoid errors in the picking, which would result in expensive and time consuming claims from clients. Next to the stationary counting equipment in production, they are used to have only one single picking location fit for counting parts: this was time consuming and inefficient.

Intended results

By using mobile weighing systems, ACP wanted to reduce the number of customer complaints by reducing errors in the picking process. Besides, they wanted to work more efficiently.

Investment in hardware and software

To achieve the intended results, ACP has invested in RPW ST scales, integrated in EGV stacker trucks. 

How does it work?

Using RAVAS scales integrated in EGV stackers used for order picking, it is now possible to do parallel checks on different order picking locations, checking every single order. The scale indicators allow a fast and efficient counting of the parts, thanks to their user friendly operator menu. The range of countable piece weights is from 50 grams to 20 kilo. ID codes for client number and order number can be entered via the keyboard and are printed on a ticket, together with the number of parts, the calculated weight per part and date and time.

Mr. Roloff, Service Company Management

"The mobile counting scales on our STILL EGV trucks help us to make the order picking process more time efficient and to drastically lower the error level in the just-in-time supplies to our contract partners."

About the application

Piece counting

By letting the pallet truck scale count for you, human errors are avoided and handling speed in order picking and in checking shipments is raised. Many companies specialize in the production of custom made parts and subsystems. Other companies use these in the assembly of their finished product. Material flows in supply chains mainly consist of parts shipments. Parts that are counted continuously: at order picking, shipping, at goods reception. Shipping the correct amounts is of major importance. The mobile scale translates the measured weight into a quantity, using the per part piece weight. This piece weight can either be entered manually or sampled automatically by the scale. The display shows the actual number of parts on the pallet and how many remain to be picked.

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Piece counting

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