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Accurate weight determination

With the RAVAS iPT Essential, accurate weight determination of up to 2,000 kg is guaranteed, with a scale range of 0.5 to 1 kg. The advanced hand pallet truck also has a totalling function with sequence number.

With RAVAS System Care Package

The RAVAS iPT Essential is equipped with extras such as gravity adjustment, force sensor failure warning and overload warning.

Improved readability

The e-paper display reduces eye strain and improves readability. This is because this unique display does not emit the light itself, but reflects it like ordinary paper. This is less tiring for the human eye and the screen is also easy to read even in bright light.

Long battery life

The very low power consumption contributes to a longer battery life and therefore a longer operating time. On average, the battery only needs to be recharged once every 6 months.

Thor van Rijk - Teamlead R&D at RAVAS

"With the RAVAS iPT Essential, logistics and industrial companies improve their processes and thus increase efficiency and job satisfaction."

Ergonomically responsible


The patented innovative display of the RAVAS iPT Essential on the handle not only provides graphical information on the most important parameters, but also ensures an ergonomic and safe working posture for the user. The clever positioning of the display on the handle and the use of e-paper make it easy to read from any angle. Bending down or leaning forward is therefore a thing of the past!

Technical Specifications

A new generation weighing hand pallet truck that is ideal for industrial use. Find out about the comprehensive benefits, features, technical specifications and options.

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Tech Specs Preview Ipt Essential EU
Weighing range
2.000 kg
Scale detail
0,5 - 1 kg
Maximum tolerance
0.1% of the recorded weighing capacity
Power supply RedBox
3.7Vdc/5.2Ah Li-ion battery pack, charger and cable included
Power supply Display
2 x 1.5V AA penlite batteries
Automatic and manual zero point correction, gross/net weighing, addition function with consecutive number, preset tare input, integrated skew correction, sleep mode with automatic start, 200% overload protection with mechanical design, ultra-efficient display (lasts more than 1 year on batteries, transport mode for lower power consumption)
Foot brake

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