Fixed installation on the forklift truck

Cabled weighing forks with additional weighing functions

Weighing forks in combination with indicators

The RWV-C weighing forks can be used in combination with indicators that carry a higher functionality, for dosing, mixing or piece counting, for communication with special printers or for data transfer to a truck terminal.

Scale indicators

The indicator defines the functionality of a scale. For the RWV-C there is a choice of three different models of RAVAS indicators. All electronics in RAVAS indicators is specially designed for mobile use: compact, shock and vibration proof, and with low power consumption.

Weighing capacity
2,500, 3,000 or 5,000 kg
1-2 kg at 2,500 kg capacity multirange, 1-2 kg at 3,000 kg capacity multirange, 2-5 kg at 5,000 kg capacity
System tolerance
0.1% of the load lifted
Overload protection
Protection class
Power supply
From truck battery, via regulator
The indicator determines the functionalities, indicator 3200 and 5200 possible, static overload protection 200%
Smaller scale parts, cabling over rolls, legal for trade version OIML III, UniMobile/UniWin software for data transfer, thermal or matrix printer, different fork lengths, explosion proof version for use in hazardous areas zone 1, stainless steel fork shoes, 12V - 12V regulator for fixed power supply on IC trucks
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