RCS hydraulic load indication system

Simple weight checks

Easy installation via T-coupling

An oil pressure sensor is installed onto the hydraulic circuit of the forklift by means of a T-coupling. The indicator in the cabin translates the measurement into a weight indication of the load on the forks.

Limited accuracy

The RCS has a limited accuracy, with a possible error of maximum 2% of the lifting capacity of the truck. The system is meant for simple check weighing, such as the checking for incoming goods.

Simple applications

The RCS is mainly used for simple checking weight and for avoiding the overloading of lorries, warehouse racking and the forklift truck itself. Also suitable for rough applications.

For forklift trucks

RAVAS supplies a complete range of hydraulic scales for mounting on forklift trucks, regardless the brand, make or model.  

Weighing capacity
2,500, 5,000 or 10,000 kg
10 kg at 2,500 kg, 20 kg at 5,000 kg, 50 kg at 10,000 kg. Higher capacity till 99 tons on request.
System tolerance
2% of system capacity
Protection class
LCD, digit height 18 mm
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