Scale for forklift trucks

Intelligent Carriage Plate


The multiple flexures absorb the constant shock of load-bearing while transferring the weight to the load cells. These critical elements have no moving parts, reducing the potential for failure.


Single tension load cell with 0.1% accuracy. The unique single load cell design provides superior load-sample linearity, as well as maintaining both heel-to-toe and fork-to-fork accuracy.

Different type of attachments

The RAVAS iCP attaches to most types of lift truck carriages and requires no modification to the lift truck as it does not connect to the truck’s hydraulic system. Lifting, weighing, counting, accumulating and transporting are accomplished as a single efficient operation. This streamlines workflow by eliminating the time-consuming task of taking shipments to remote platform scales.


Two rugged Grade-8 steel bolts secure the scale base for service, or if the flexures fail due to unintentional abuse, thereby preventing damage to the load cell. These safety bolts secure the load even if the scale is damaged by overloading (accidental misuse or abuse). The load cell rating has been selected to withstand an overload of 300% without damaging the cell.

Weighing capacity
2,500 kg, 5,000 kg or 7,000 kg (FEM 2/3/4 up to a Q. max. of 7000 kg)
Dimensions (in mm)
iCP-2500 (RVL-2500): 915, iCP-5000 (RVL-5000): 1065, iCP-7000 (RVL-7000): 1220 Please be aware that the new iCP models have a narrower standard width size compared to the former RVL models.
2 kg at 2,500 kg, 5 kg at 5,000 kg, 10 kg at 7,000 kg
System tolerance
0.2% of the load lifted
Protection class
Power supply
From truck battery, via regulator
Bluetooth and wired
For functions of 3200 or 5200 weight indicator, see indicator specification sheet
OIML FEM2 and FEM3 to Q. max. 5000 kg

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