"Since we started using the mobile scales, we have had less than a 0.1% picking error rate, which considerably increased customer satisfaction."  


Counting function raises handling speed and prevents errors in orderpicking

At Lugato client orders are entered into the SAP software and then transferred to a warehouse management system. The WMS calculates how the articles will be distributed over different pallets and then sends the order over the RF network to one of the five orderpicking trucks. The data terminal on the truck displays the order lines for the operator. The operator drives to the first location and scans a bar code, so that the WMS can verify that he is at the correct location. The data terminal indicates how many articles should be picked at this location. The weighing system counts down: the indicator 6100 receives the article weight from the WMS and uses it to perform a reverse piece counting.


Customer satisfaction raises

Every time the operator places an article on the pallet, he sees the number of articles to pick diminish by one on the display. The advantage is that the operator is no longer counting himself, the scale display tells him how many articles are left to pick. Counting errors are avoided and the picking speed is raised. Only when the scale display shows ‘0’, the WMS releases the next order line. Thus the operator can never pick too many or too few articles. Since mounting the scales on the order picking vehicles, Lugato has been able to reduce picking errors to a minimum and thereby considerably raised customer satisfaction.


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Order picking


Order picking
In order picking performance comes down to two things: speed and accuracy. Errors mean a burden on the organisation, because they cost time, money and goodwill. Weighing on order picking trucks helps preventing picking errors. If an error is signaled, the order picker can react immediately and correct the error where the cost is lowest: at the picking slot. If the integrated scale is used in its counting mode, the order picker can also read on the display how many articles in the order line he has picked. This will raise his handling speed and reduce the opportunity for counting errors.