For electric stacker trucks

Technical requirements

AkzoNobel's electric stacker trucks are used in the production of automotive coatings. During production, hydrogen is released as a byproduct. In order to work safely in these hazardous environments, all equipment needs to be completely ATEX certified. For the development of the these systems, RAVAS cooperated with truck supplier Webo Heftrucks, EX specialist Electromach and inspection authority DEKRA.

For ATEX environments

Customized solution

Fork construction re-designed

AkzoNobel's weighing stacker trucks have custom made forks, designed to pick up 1,000 kg stainless steel drums. The stacker transports the drum to a mixer that pumps the component out of the drum. During dosing, the scale continuously monitors the weight of the content of the drum. When the dosing is completed, the operator records the weight of the raw materials pumped into the mixer and returns the drum to the warehouse. The process is repeated with different components until the product mix is finished.

ATEX certified

For this application, the 4100 EX scale indicator needs a constant power supply. This version goes outside the existing RAVAS certificates and therefore had to go through a recertification procedure. Both stacker and scale were modified according to the client’s wishes and underwent a conformity inspection. Inspection authority DEKRA performed the required tests and issued the EX certificate for the systems.

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RAVAS Specials

The AkzoNobel systems are typical examples of custom made RAVAS solutions. We have the flexibility and expertise to meet the most diverse and specific customer needs. For more information about custom made products, please contact the RAVAS Specials Department.

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