Individual weighing data compute container weight

iForks and data transfer to WMS

Incoming shipments are offloaded by forklifts equipped with iForks. All data are entered into a PDA. A barcode is scanned for ID, the weight is received from the RAVAS iForks. From the PDA, the data set is sent to the WMS via WLAN. This provides a real-time processing of all data, such as weight, dimensions, the origin of the package and the sender. When loading lists are created for outbound containers, the weight of all items on the list is known, and total weight of the packed container is computed by the ERP system.

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Weighing, identifying and dimensioning of palletized shipments

Safe, fast and automated

Central warehouse

One of DB Schenker’s customers, located in Brazil, is importing goods from over 200 subcontractors in Western Europe. All suppliers deliver their cargo to the DB Schenker warehouse in Rotterdam, where the goods are labelled, stored, order picked and consequently loaded, lashed and secured into dedicated containers as per customer’s order.

Buyer's consolidation

With this concept, called buyer’s consolidation, DB Schenker optimizes the flow of shipments from remote suppliers while gaining, keeping and offering full control and visibility. From supplier purchase order to sequenced deliveries. Resulting in direct cost savings in the supply chain, by receiving full loads against multiple smaller shipments, realizing optimum load factors and faster and reliable transit times.

100% accurate data

The customer insisted on obtaining actual dimensions and weights of all delivered individual boxes, since penalties from Brazil customs for deviations are severe. The challenge was to implement an efficient process, delivering the highest accuracy and productivity. Direct communication with the Warehouse Management System (WMS) of DB Schenker was also one of the key requirements.

Cynthia Herrema, Business Solutions, DB Schenker Logistics

“The RAVAS mobile scales, integrated in our WLAN system, speed up our productivity significantly. Providing us the right information for our data and documents processing.”

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