Without impact on cross dock operations in 3PL and LTL logistics

Generate more profit

One of RAVAS' logistic customers was interested in establishing an investment that weighed their product efficiently and provided real-time data of each inbound to their WMS system. Without any impact on their cross dock operations nor WMS system.

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Cross docking optimization for 3PLs and LTLs

Intended results

Increase revenues by re-invoicing surplus pallet weight

Customers declare and predict individual weights for their pallet loads, but upon an integration with RAVAS they find the real weight significantly higher.

Optimize load factors and prevent overloads

By knowing every pallet's exact weight, truckloads can be planned precisely, maximizing load factors while avoiding overloads.

Cross docking solution

RAVAS installed scales into the forks of the forklift trucks and electric pallet trucks of this logistics supplier. The scales use RAVAS 3200 technology to present the pallet weight on a Zebra handheld by means of a QR code. The scanned QR code imports the pallet’s weight into the WMS data set. The advantage is that the pallet weight is integrated without any changes to the WMS software or hardware in use on the trucks.

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Cross Docking 690

Hardware and software


Mobile weighing technology

Each forklift truck and electric pallet truck has been equipped with a RAVAS scale with 3200 technology, integrated in the forks. 

Zebra device

Via Bluetooth the palletized goods' weight is transferred into a Zebra TC21, installed on the trucks.

RAVAS WeightsApp

The Zebra runs the RAVAS WeightsApp, which presents real-time data as a QR code to the operator, who can download the file into the WMS system.

New work cycle

On each scale forklift, every offloaded inbound pallet is weighed at the same time, and the weight is presented as a QR Code on the Zebra’s display. The operator scans the ID, opens the data set on the pallet, and uses the RAVAS WeightsApp to transfer it into the WMS system. With the data set completed, weight processing is added without any impact on the cross dock operation.

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