On delivery of fresh batteries, spent batteries are picked up at each customer’s site. The customer gets reimbursed for the amount of lead picked up for recycling. For this purpose every freight truck in the JCI fleet will now carry a warehouse truck with an integrated RAVAS scale.

RAVAS scales contributes to a sustainable world

If spent batteries are available for pick-up, the JCI operator marks the pallet with a barcode label containing the customers GPS location, store number, date & time and the operators ID. He then weighs the pallet with spent batteries on the RAVAS scale in the walkie’s forks, scans the barcode and saves the complete data set on his tablet PC. The customer signs off on the weight, gets a printed receipt and the data set on the picked-up pallet is transferred to JCI headquarters. 
200,000 such transactions take place every year. The spent battery pick-up program is simple and profitable for both Johnson Controls and their customers. Another example of how RAVAS scales contribute to a sustainable world.

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