RAVAS-SafeCheck | Forklift Safety Products

Safety device with a buzzer alarm that sounds whenever the load on the forks exceeds a preset limit, assisting the driver in avoiding potentially dangerous overload situations.

The RAVAS-SafeCheck is a simple and affordable safety system for forklift trucks, with an audio alarm that goes off when the weight on the forks exceeds a preset limit. The alarm only switches off again once the load descends below the limit again.

An oil pressure sensor is installed onto the hydraulic circuit of the forklift by means of a T-coupling. The indicator in the cabin translates the measurement into a weight indication of the load on the forks. Over the keypad of the indicator a maximum allowed load can be entered. Every time that load on the forks exceeds that value, the warning buzzer goes off.

The system is powered by the truck battery and automatically switches on when the truck starts, so it’s active whenever the truck is operative.