About AVAG

AVAG Betriebs AG in Thun is a recycling company. The material that AVAG receives is usually already separated from other waste. This includes metal, electronic equipment, paper and glass. AVAG processes these materials into raw materials, some of which are sold to customers.

Intended results

In waste processing, the recycled materials are invoiced by weight. Therefore AVAG has the legal obligation to equip the their forklift trucks with a Legal for Trade weighing system. By using attachments with clamps and rotators, it should also be possible to weigh and transport bulky goods. Furthermore, a simple and absolutely safe solution had to be found for the forklift truck driver. With the calibrated iCP weighing carriage plate from RAVAS, all these requirements can be fulfilled.


Investment in hardware and software

To achieve the intended results, AVAG has invested in a calibrated (Legal for Trade) carriage plate scale. This weighs in combination with a swivel clamp.


Until recently, AVAG Betriebs AG used a floor scale. When comparing the costs between weighing on a floor scale and weighing on a forklift truck, they discovered a time saving of three minutes per weighing per pallet compared to the old situation. Manager Willi: 'That equates to a saving of 30 weeks x 45 hours, per year. That is 1,350 hours, or 27,000 pallets per year. With 300 working days, that amounts to ± 90 weightings per day. The investment paid for itself within 18 months! Another positive effect: the forklift truck driver's job has become more attractive. He no longer has to drive back and forth to the floor scale.

Urs Willi, Separate Collections Manager and responsible for dangerous goods

"We were very challenged to find suitable weighing systems for our rotary forklift trucks. We wanted a Legal for Trade system that would also provide usable data when turning and clamping goods and we wanted to enter this data into our WMS and ERP systems."

About the application

Waste management

Every production process generates rest materials and waste. These waste materials are either recycled into the production process or removed and destroyed. These procedures are often expensive, making reduction of waste flows an important issue. Monitoring waste flows, i.e. knowing how much waste is produced at each spot in the production line, is the first step towards controlling and minimizing waste flows. With a mobile scale on the pallet truck or forklift truck that removes the waste material, you can efficiently measure waste production anywhere in production, finding out which processes should be optimized.

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Suitable products

For waste management

Urs Willi, Separate Collections Manager and responsible for dangerous goods

AVAG is now so convinced of the reliability and efficiency of this solution that they have already equipped two forklift trucks with a RAVAS Legal for Trade weighing system. "Our forklift trucks are not only equipped with a Legal for Trade weighing system, but they are also extremely stable," says a production manager enthusiastically.

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