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In the rapidly evolving agriculture industry, farmers are under constant pressure to increase efficiency and reduce operational costs. One such challenge is being able to accurately weigh crops, which is crucial for effective management and sales. Mobile weighing offers an innovative solution that not only saves time, but also improves the accuracy and quality of agricultural products.  


What is mobile weighing? 
Mobile weighing applied in agriculture helps to measure the weight of crops, animals and agricultural products. A mobile weighing system is very useful for farmers because it allows them to measure the weight of their products directly in the field. This means that farmers do not have to transport their products to a scale, which is often at some distance in a barn or shed. Weighing directly in the field thus saves a lot of time and also reduces the risk of product damage during transport. 

How does mobile weighing work in agriculture?

Mobile weighing uses various technologies to accurately measure the weight of agricultural products such as crops and even animals. One of the most widely used technologies in mobile weighing is the load cell. Load cells are sensors that are placed under a weighing platform. When an object is placed on the weighing platform, the loadcell measures the force applied to the platform and converts that force into a numerical value that represents the weight of the object. This weight can then be read on the indicator that attaches to the weighing system.  

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The benefits of mobile weighing in agriculture 

Mobile weighing in agriculture is transforming the way farmers manage their operations. This technology not only optimizes the time required to measure weights by performing this task directly in the field, but also increases efficiency and accuracy, which is essential for quality control and cost containment. 

Saving time

Farmers can measure the weight of their products directly in the field, saving time and reducing the risk of product damage during transport. 

Improved efficiency

Mobile weighing allows farmers to measure the weight of their produce faster and more efficiently, allowing them to spend more time on other important tasks in the field. 


Mobile weighing is highly accurate and can measure the weight of agricultural products with a precision of up to one gram. 

Cost reduction

Mobile weighing can help farmers reduce the cost of transporting agricultural products to a remote scale. By measuring weight in the field, farmers can avoid additional costs and save on transportation costs. 

Improved decision-making

Accurate measurements of agricultural product weight allow farmers to make informed decisions about managing their crops and animals. This enables them to optimize resources and improve efficiency in their farming operations. 

Location flexibility

Mobile weighing can be used in different locations in the field, giving farmers flexibility in measuring the weight of their produce. This is especially useful in large fields or remote areas that may not have access to an external scale. 

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Mobile weighing in agriculture

Frequently asked questions

Mobile weighing can be applied to a wide range of agricultural products, including crops such as grains, fruits, vegetables, tubers. Mobile weighing is a versatile tool that can be adapted to different types of agricultural products.

Mobile weighing is a precise technology that measures the weight of agricultural products with a maximum tolerance of 0.1%. However, accuracy may vary depending on the type of mobile weighing used and the conditions under which the measurement is performed. It is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions and take measurements under suitable conditions to obtain accurate results. 

Mobile weighing offers the advantage of making it possible to measure the weight of agricultural products in the field, without having to transport them to an external scale. This saves time and reduces transportation costs, contributing to more efficient resource management. In addition, mobile weighing allows agricultural products to be measured in their freshest state, which better ensures product quality. 

Yes, mobile weighing is a user-friendly tool in the field. It typically comes with intuitive and user-friendly interfaces and requires no specialized technical training. Farmers and their staff can operate it without complications, making it accessible and convenient for use in the field. 


Improved efficiency and productivity

Mobile weighing in agriculture plays a crucial role in improving efficiency and productivity in the field. By providing time savings, accuracy, cost reduction, and better decision making, this technology enables farmers to optimize their work processes. The flexibility of the system allows it to work in various locations, which is essential for vast and remote agricultural areas. All in all, mobile weighing contributes to a more sustainable and informed farm business. 

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