Data as the basis for business

In today's logistics and industry, winning intelligence is crucial, as Michael van Dijk emphasizes. With profit margins being minimized, it is essential for companies to make their business processes smarter in order to remain competitive. Mobile weighing technology offers a highly effective solution for this. Equipping your current warehouse equipment (such as pallet trucks and warehouse equipment) and forklifts with weighing features or purchasing weighing equipment gives you 24-hour access to valuable data. This constant data collection provides an ideal basis for the continuous improvement of your processes.


Implementing smart business processes includes advanced management of goods flows, smarter methods for loading trucks and reducing picking errors. Mobile weighing technology plays a key role here by continuously collecting data on the weight and sometimes volume of goods. This allows you to monitor the data in real time.

How can you use data management to make your logistics processes more efficient?

Integrating intelligence through mobile weighing systems offers extensive opportunities. With effective data management, you can identify critical process steps for improvement. "Our customers leverage the data from these systems for various optimizations, such as calculating optimal truck loading. By applying weight data in the order picking process, you minimize the chance of picking errors and optimize pallet construction based on weight," said Michael van Dijk.

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Quick payback

Michael van Dijk stresses the importance of efficiency in logistics and industry: "Doing the right things in the right way is crucial; there is no room to waste time or money." Mobile weighing technology offers a solution that is not only cost-effective, but also pays off quickly, often within just a few months. This technology enables the collection of strategically valuable information that can be used immediately to make profitable business decisions.


Both large and small logistics companies can benefit from mobile roads. Regardless of company size, the technology, ranging from weighing hand pallet trucks to forklifts with a weighing fork carriage, offers crucial data connectivity via WiFi or Bluetooth. That way, real-time data is transmitted directly to TMS, WMS or ERP systems. These connections enable any company to optimize their processes through accurate and efficient data management.

Micheal van Dijk - International Key Account Manager at RAVAS

"Whether at the beginning of the chain when receiving goods, in the middle when cross-docking and order picking, or at the end when determining shipping weights, mobile weighing technology enriches every stage of your logistics process with valuable data."

"But I already have decent trucks.. "

Do you already have functioning hardware, such as forklifts, but are considering integrating mobile weighing technology to collect valuable data? RAVAS' weighing solutions can often be seamlessly built into existing models and brands. Michael van Dijk assures, "There are suitable systems available for every company that provide exactly the data needed."

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