How do Forklift Scales Work

What You Need to Know

A forklift scale is dependent upon the hydraulic sensor of a forklift. It's built within a forklift and targets the hydraulic sensor to measure the object's resistance the forklift is weighing. Typically used for checking the product's weight when loaded into a transport vehicle or on a cargo, a forklift scale gathers data and weight for your operation.

It can also transfer data directly to business systems, WeightApps, and computer systems to help reduce lost time and cost in shipping and loading. Now, forklift scales can also help measure dimensioning. Dimensioning is a basic system that scans the product to determine its metric dimensions and weight and sends the data to a shipping system.

The process of weighing loads with forklift scales is all part of the routine businesses that operate within factories, warehouses, or shipping centers. The technology helps provide a continuous process of accurately collecting weight data in several ways:

  • Productivity Levels
  • Cost Maintenance
  • Billing Accuracy
  • Accuracy in the Calculation of shipping Estimates
  • Identifying Areas of Theft, Damage, or other Loss


RAVAS Provides Mobile Weighing Technology for all OEMs

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