Sebastian Wencel, Director of Logistics at AS-PL

Why choose Pick by Weight?

Reduce time, prevent errors

“Warehouse optimization has our constant focus. That's why Pick by Weight perfectly fits our needs to reduce order fulfillment time and prevent order pick errors. After only 2 months since the introduction in February 2020, we concluded that Pick by Weight has met our requirements and expectations. The main benefits of this RAVAS solution are the reduction of order pick time and the elimination of errors during order picking, which of course fully benefits our customers."

Toyota LWE140

"We purchased 2 Toyota LWE140 trucks  and RAVAS equipped both trucks with a RPW EL mobile scale. They have the know-how to retrofit any truck of any brand, regardless of the make or model. RAVAS also suggested the RAVAS Data Manager, a tool that facilitates the easy interface between any ERP or WMS system and the RAVAS truck scales. This way it is much easier to integrate RAVAS truck scales into your logistical operation."

RAVAS Data Manager

RAVAS Data Manager is a software tool that allows you to read a weight from a truck at any desired point in the operation. RDM can be triggered directly from your WMS, or middleware application, such as a voice system. During the work on the implementation of the system, AS-PL could count on the support of RAVAS at every step.


Main benefits

Way to work faster

In the old situation, the order picking was a separate process followed by the packaging and final check, both in different locations. When the goods were placed in a cardboard box, the operators performed a check to see if they were picked correctly. After that, the box was being weighed on a floor scale as a final check. In the new situation, a big empty box is placed on the forks of the truck. During the order picking, the goods are being placed in the box. At the end of the process, the box is sealed and packaged. Two steps to be performed at two different locations are being left out of the process. You can imagine the time this saves.

Improved ergonomics

The new order picking process means that the operators perform less lifting, so they experience better ergonomics during their work. Furthermore, the messages that appear on the scanners are clear and legible. This greatly facilitates the work and eliminates the possibility of human errors. Another convenience is the very precise weight, thanks to which AS-PL has minimized any mistakes that occurred earlier, and they also accelerated the process of packing the pallet.

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Artur Bubienko, Warehouse Manager at AS-PL

“The most important thing from the company's point of view is to eliminate errors, and therefore the costs that we incur due to complaints or returns. Furthermore, we also managed to save time and effort of warehouse employees. In the new situation, one person is enough to complete a full order, and final checks are unnecessary.”

More about Pick by Weight
Artur Bubienko Kierownik Magazynu W AS PL 690

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AS-PL Ltd is a Polish manufacturer of starters, alternators and parts. The company offers more than 19,000 different products with a total of almost 280,000 reference numbers in order to provide customers in all kinds of industries with a wide selection of original products and their replacements at competitive prices.

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