RAVAS-2100 EXi

ATEX application

Handling raw materials

CML Europe produces raw materials in small quantities for renowned companies in pharma industries. For the end product, organic synthesis is being used. Raw materials are being mixed and separated, warmed up and cooled down. This all takes place in the reactor vessels in the EX-zone of the CML plant.

Precise quantity of raw materials

CML Europe has its own measuring service which checks the accuracy of measuring and control equipment every 2 weeks, including the RAVAS-2100 EXi trucks since the precise weighing of quantities of raw material is crucial in this industry.

ATEX zone 1&21

Weighig in a reactor room


The pallet with a drum of raw materials is picked up by a RAVAS-2100L EXi hand pallet truck scale and driven into the reactor room.


The required quantity of raw material is then pumped out of the drum, into the reactor vessel, using a vacuum pump.


If several components are used in the batching routine, the action will be repeated until the reactor contains the correct amounts and components, mixed by weight.


After filling the reactor vessel, the drums are transported back to the warehouse, so the reactor room is free of materials and equipment.

Mobile versus static weighing

CML also uses a platform scale. The disadvantage is that the platform is large, takes up a lot of valuable working space, and is difficult to clean. The RAVAS-2100L EXi is only brought into the reactor room when necessary.

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