Work and weigh ergonomically with the RAVAS Ergo Truck!

Weighing hand pallet trucks are excellent for moving goods horizontally. However, if you regularly have to deal with weights greater than 750 kilograms or if you regularly move pallet goods over large distances, this requires a more suitable solution. In this case, an electric weighing pallet truck is a better solution for you.


RAVAS understands that working ergonomically is essential for the sustainable employability of personnel and equipment. Good ergonomics not only ensures that employees are not unnecessarily burdened, but also ensures that working is easier and therefore more fun.


Thanks to the RAVAS Ergo Truck you retain the advantages of a hand pallet truck supplemented with a number of major advantages. For example, the Ergo Truck has the option of electrical lifting and can easily move weights larger than 750 kilograms, with a maximum of 1500 kilograms.


The RAVAS Ergo Truck has a large number of functionalities as standard. View the technical specifications of the system below.


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Move and weigh ergonomically

Affordable alternative

The RAVAS Ergo Truck combines weighing and moving in one hand pallet truck scale. The electric drive and lift enables you to easily move heavy loads over short distances.

Easy to use

The 0.75 kW drive motor easily moves loads of more than 750 kg up to 1,500 kg. The integrated scale instantly weighs every load that you lift electrically.

Different type of indicators

As the RAVAS Ergo truck is available with weight indicators 3200 and 5200, there is always a version that fits your application.

Legal for trade

When choosing the OIML legal for trade version, you can invoice your customer based on the weighing data generated by the truck's scale.

RAVAS Ergo Truck

An ergonomic weighing hand pallet truck, excellent for industrial use. View the extensive benefits, functions, technical specifications and options.

Download the Ravas Ergo Truck Technical Specs
RAVAS Ergo Truck Technical Specification
Weighing capacity
1,500 kg
Graduation multirange
Up to 500 kg: 0.5 kg, up to 1,500 kg: 1 kg
Max. tolerance
0.1% of the load lifted
LCD dual color, digit height 20 mm, backlight
Power supply
Via truck battery incl. power convertor/regulator
5 function keys, on/off key
Protection class
Dimensions excl. bracket (L x B x H in mm)
60 x 77 x 182
RAM indicator mounting support, legal for trade version OIML III, thermal or matrix printer 12V, Bluetooth or WiFi data transfer, additional battery pack for extended autonomy, RDC software, RIS software

Data management through our mobile weighing solutions

Creating Intelligence through RAVAS mobile weighing solutions

Our innovative mobile weighing solutions help you to organize your business processes more intelligently. How? Thanks to data communication and integration via weighing systems such as the RAVAS Ergo Truck, your trucks are in direct contact with your ERP, TMS, WMS or other software platform and collect data 24 hours a day. This data enables you to continuously check whether what you are doing is correct and to determine which processes can be done faster and better, in order to optimize your supply chain.

No situation is the same. RAVAS therefore offers various software solutions for data management that help you optimize your data flows. Curious about how our solutions help you create intelligence for your logistics or industrial organization? Read more about data management through our mobile weighing solutions.


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