RAVAS-2100 EXi

Explosion proof

Industrial applications

Suitable for industrial applications like filling, mixing and dosing in food, pharma and chemical industries.

ATEX certified

Standard ATEX certified and with stainless steel fork shoes and fully equipped for use in hazardous environments.


Optionally available in full stainless steel, as Legal for trade version, OIML III, with a rotating indicator and big push buttons for use with gloves

Zone 1/21

The RAVAS-2100 EXi is suitable for mixing and batching applications in ATEX zone 1/21. Contact our experts in case of specific requirements.

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CML Europe uses a RAVAS-2100 EXi for mixing and dosing

CML Europe produces chemical raw materials in small quantities for pharmaceutical companies. Mixing and dosing is done with a RAVAS-2100 EXi explosion proof hand pallet truck scale for ATEX zone 1&21. Read more about this specific application.

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Ravas 2100 Exi Cml Europe 9 6 (1)
Weighing capacity
2,000 kg
Graduation multirange
0-200 kg: 0.2 kg, 200-500 kg: 0.5 kg, 500-2,000 kg: 1 kg
System certification
II 2 G Ex ib IIB T4 Gb & II 2 D Ex ib, IIIC T135°C Db, approval number DEKRA 13ATEX 004
Steering wheels
Intrinsically safe, rechargeable and exchangeable
For mixing and batching in zone 1/21

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