Compact and reliable

General weight checks

The RAVAS-1 is a a reliable solution for general weight checks at goods reception, when determining shipping weights, for preventing overloads and for safety checks. Suitable for very rough applications as well.

User friendly

The RAVAS-1 has an integrated electronic height sensor to indicate when the lifting height is reached. Via the indicator display the operator can see when the load is lifted high enough and he can read the weight.


The RAVAS-1 is equipped with a compact indicator for quick and easy weight checks. It works on two AA batteries and is perfect to check the weight of any pallet or container.

Easy entrance

Because there are no changes at all to the pallet truck forks, they retain their original dimensions. This guarantees easy entrance into low or closed pallets.

RAVAS-1 for BZN Baustoff to determine the weight of cobblestones

Baustoff Zentral Nord sells cobblestones. Previously, they estimated container weights by counting the stones, before delivering to the customer. Now they use a RAVAS-1 weighing hand pallet truck to weigh fast and without interrupting the process.

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Ravas 1 Application Bzn 02 2 (1)
Weighing capacity
2,200 kg
5 kg
0,8% of full scale
Power supply indicator
2 x AA batteries
Manual zero correction, totalling with sequence number, lifting height indication in display, only zero setting and weighing on reference height, error messages in display, automatic switch-off
Tandem loading wheels in polyurethane, footbrake

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