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Reduce picking errors, optimize stock control

Project description

Raben Group offers comprehensive logistics services to large and smaller companies mainly in Europe. The Raben headquarters are located in Poland, and companies of the group are located in 13 European countries. Since Raben continuously develops and improves its processes to optimize customer service, RAVAS was introduced to reduce picking errors including claim costs and to optimize stock control including a reduction of inventory time.

Mobile weighing solution

Raben decided to retrofit 5 electric warehouse trucks with RAVAS dual scales. This means that 2 separate scales have been integrated in one order pick truck with 2400 mm long forks, and that the weighing data have been integrated in the WMS system as well. The main advantage of a dual scale is that 2 orders can be picked in one flow. By the weight of each product, it’s possible to check if the product is placed on the right pallet. A mobile weighing system, built into the forks of an order pick truck, allows Raben to verify every picked order line in real time. Picking errors are detected immediately and corrected on the spot.


Thanks to the patented FLEXBOLT technology, RAVAS provides a unique and very accurate mobile weighing solution of 0.1% accuracy. FLEXBOLT is installed in the load cells to prevent tension on the load cells from bending of the fork shoes. For superb accuracy and repeatability. Weighing data can be read with an accuracy of up to 100 grams.


RAVAS Data Manager

The wireless WLAN data communication and a rest full API protocol, accurate data on stock and inventory enable the immediate availability of data in the WMS in real time, fast and efficiently. Two pick orders can be processed at the same time. Each scale sends the weighing data to the WMS using WLAN via RAVAS Data Manager. Magdalena Futyma, Sales Executive at RAVAS in Poland, explains: “Thanks to the RAVAS Data Manager, we enabled Raben to manage, configure and support the scales online. RAVAS Data Manager (RDM) is a tool that facilitates an easy interface via Rest API protocol between WMS/ERP, voice application and the RAVAS scales. RDM can communicate with both RF terminals and a voice application. With this solutions, even multi order picking is possible.” The WMS or voice application will compare the weight from the master data with the actual weight on the scale.

RAVAS Data Manager

Contract Logistics Manager at Raben

Łukasz Elminowski-Wenda

“Thanks to some easy modifications in the existing Raben WMS system, we enabled all data communication through the RAVAS Data Manager. Of course, all RAVAS mobile scales are operational in the warehouse environment.  At every new order, location or order line, there is direct communication with the RAVAS scales. The system checks the master data with the actual weight and informs the order picker whether the pick is ok or not ok.”


As from the implementation of Pick by Weight, Raben has been working on a calculation to measure the benefits in terms of time, money and efficiency. And the first results are very positive. The main benefit Raben obtained with Pick by Weight, is the optimization in time. Łukasz Elminowski-Wenda, Contract Logistics Manager at Raben: “Compared to the situation a year ago, our order pickers now don’t have to manually count the goods anymore. That saves us time, and improve picking performance. Also, we skipped the end control of our process. Furthermore, we are very content with the quality of the mobile weighing systems and the Pick by Weight solution in general. We are considering expanding the fleet in the future for other projects."

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