Just a little extra

The RCS Hy-Q was installed and tested at the Nijmegen big trucks factory, with astounding results: at 25.000 kg the weight in the cabin display was spot-on. But on this truck the weighing function is considered just a little extra for the customer. What really matters is the continuous CANBUS feed from the RAVAS system to the truck’s on-board computer.

Scanning the weight for potential overloads

The weight output from the RCS Hy-Q is scanned continuously. If the load on the forks exceeds 80% of the rated capacity, the computer only allows backward tilt of the mast and a maximum speed of 1 km/h. The truck operator needs to release all controls for two seconds. If after those two seconds the potential overload situation no longer occurs, the driver is handed back all functions on the truck. If it still does, the driver regains control only over the mast functions, but the speed limitation continues until the overload signal stops.

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Charlotte Maassen