Bayer specializes in products for healthcare, nutrition and agriculture. For batching activities at Dormagen’s Chempark, Bayer wanted scales on their Sichelschmidt trucks that are on-line with their ERP system, to guarantee accurate dosing and documented quality to their customers.

Customized software was defined for the scales, receiving batching instructions from the ERP that are displayed on the scale for the truck operator. Once the operator starts pumping out product from the drums on the scale, the scale display starts “counting down”, from the target weight to zero. This helps the operator to accurately create batches without having to calculate, or remember target weights, eliminating human errors.

On the hardware side, the package of truck, carriage plate scale, fork positioner, intrinsically safe electronics, and WiFi transmitter in EXd housing was so specific, that DEKRA EX-certified the complete package in-house at RAVAS.

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Charlotte Maassen