CeMAT 2016 counted less visitors then the last edition, but there was nevertheless much optimism among exhibitors. Markets are going up with the upsurge in the European economy, and the so called industry 4.0, the data driven, interconnected approach to production and distribution, leads to new materials handling opportunities and solutions.

The RAVAS stand drew a large number of quality visitors. Sixty percent of these were international visitors, in line with the general CeMAT 2016 statistics. Much attention went to our SOLAS solutions. As of July, all containers must be weighed and the VGM (Verified Gross Mass) must be declared to the shipping line and the terminal before the container is loaded onboard the ship. Two methods are allowed: weighing the complete container (Method #1), or weighing all individual items in the container, computing the gross weight (Method #2). Using iForks for Method #2 offers many advantages: information becomes available earlier and concerns individual shipments in containers, improving the business case and increasing ROI.

The other eye catcher on the stand was a counterbalanced truck with RAVAS-SafeLoad. RAVAS-SafeLoad acts as an interactive load diagram: it measures both load and load center point and uses this information to advise the driver whether he is lifting safely or not.

Did you miss us at CeMAT and want to catch up on SOLAS or SafeLoad? Fill out the attached contact form and we’ll fill you in.

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Charlotte Maassen