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RAVAS is one of the world leading weighing scale manufacturers. We are able to distribute our products under private label and many different OEM liveries, as well as under our own brand. Since the 1980’s we have been a pioneer in the field of integrated weighing scales and have evolved into one of the leading weighing scale manufacturers in the world. Right now, we have a European market share of 65%. We realized this by offering our customers high-quality products and services.

RAVAS: one of the world leading weighing scale manufacturers

Our future is much more interesting than our past. We have an ambitious mission to help our clients make their internal logistics more efficient and cheaper, because of the information they generate via the scale on their truck. Our mobile weighing systems are integrated in hand pallet trucks, forklift trucks, reach trucks, order picking trucks and electric pallet trucks. These weighing systems enables you to weigh during transport, which saves time, space and manpower. That is why these weighing scales earn themselves back within a short period of time. Because of the great quality of our products, RAVAS is now one of the leading weighing scale manufacturers of the world.

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We offer a variety of high-quality weighing scale solutions. Please navigate through our products and read the characteristics to find the best weighing scale solutions for your company. When you are not sure, we are more than happy to advise you. For advice, or more information about our products and services, please call  +31 (0)418 515 220. It is smart to send a quotation request to different weighing scale manufacturers to find the best solution for your company. Please send a quotation request to RAVAS to receive the best quotation possible!

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