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At MODEX 2020, RAVAS Mobile Weighing proudly presented the new RAVAS USA organization, including the people, products and facilities of LTS Scale. 




RAVAS is the inventor of iForks, and manufactures and distributes mobile weighing solutions, integrated in hand pallet jacks, warehouse and forklift trucks. In addition, our connectivity solutions help you to further optimize your supply chain. RAVAS has been established in the 1960s and has been active in the USA as RAVAS USA, LLC since 2007.

About LTS Scale

LTS Scale features a wide variety of high-precision industrial scales, specifically designed for forklift applications. The acquisition of LTS is in line with the RAVAS ambition to become the preferred global partner for innovative and quality mobile weighing solutions, supported by excellent services. All within the scope of mobile weighing, dimensioning and connectivity. The combination of the LTS product range with more NTEP certified scales, and a professional sales and service organization will enable us to provide the US market with excellent mobile weighing solutions.

Product range

At MODEX 2020, RAVAS USA has exhibit a variety of mobile weighing solutions. State of the art hand pallet jacks, a rider pallet truck equipped with an integrated scale, iForks of course and an LTS Scale carriage plate. 


High accuracy, next generation weighing forks, powered by compact Lithium ion battery packs. No cabling, installed in minutes. iForks are available with 2.3” and 1.9” fork height. The upgraded 320 driver display offers attractive new features, like standard Bluetooth  connectivity. NTEP approved for commercial weighing.

LTS Carriage Plate

The LTS Carriage Plate is one of the lift truck scales from the LTS Scale range. This model was designed to provide improved visibility for lift truck operators. The design enhances the lift truck operator’s productivity by improving operational safety and reducing damage caused to valuable cargo. Constructed of solid steel, the LTS Carriage Plate scale’s rugged design retains the exceptional features of our traditional scale base including superior load sample linearity, enhanced serviceability, improved heel-to-toe/fork-to-fork accuracy, and a variety of safety features. At MODEX, the LTS carriage plate was combined with a ThorTM computer.


The RAVAS-320 is the mid-range solution for weighing on hand pallet jacks. This hand pallet jack scale is NTEP approved for commercial transactions, so it allows you to invoice your customer by weight. The high accuracy (max. tolerance 0.1% of the load on the forks) makes it suitable for use in both production environments (mixing and batching) and warehouses. Optionally, it can be equipped with a built-in printer that prints weights, totals, a numerical ID code and date/time.


The RAVAS-520 is a high-end solution for weighing on hand pallet jacks. This hand pallet jack scale has a touch screen display that shows the weight in 1” digits. The instrument offers several advanced scale functions, including a piece counting program. It is also programmable for customer specific routines. Powered by a Li-ion rechargeable battery pack. At MODEX, the RAVAS 520 was equipped with a Bluetooth module that will be connected to the RAVAS Data Collector (RDC) to show you how your data could be transferred to an ERP system or a WMS.

RCS Hy-Q-52

At MODEX, RAVAS has exhibited the RCS Hy-Q-52. RAVAS’ latest hydraulic scale, with the 520 touch screen indicator. This highly intuitive indicator only shows those function keys that are relevant to the ongoing operation of the scale. The 520 indicator comes with Bluetooth 4.0 and with an app to collect the data.


RAVAS also provides in a safety device for forklift trucks. The RAVAS SafeCheck has a buzzer alarm that sounds whenever the load on the forks exceeds a preset limit, assisting the driver in avoiding potentially dangerous overload situations.

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