SOLAS - Seafreight container weighing

SOLAS regulations require that as of July 2016 the verified gross weight of containers must be made known before loading them onto a ship. Determining the container weight can be done by weighing the packed container (Method n.1), or by weighing the individual items in the container, earlier in the chain (Method n.2).

RAVAS supplies the forklift scales and the connectivity to make individual pallet weights available throughout the supply chain.

RAVAS iForks is the successful wireless scale for forklift trucks. Every load lifted is immediately weighed. Weigh each individual pallet while loading the container, add the container’s own weight, and the gross weight of the container is determined efficiently and with the highest possible accuracy.

The advantages of SOLAS Method n.2 - weighing individual items in containers:

  • Weight information available early, end customers can make changes without missing their ship
  • No overloaded containers during road transport to the port
  • Highly accurate weight information, certified OIML III
  • Efficient weighing, no driving back and forth to weigh bridges
  • Information available on individual shipments within containers

iForks provide a highly accurate weight read-out in 1 kg display steps, and are available in certified legal for trade version OIML III. iForks can communicate the measured pallet weights to a WMS or ERP system, via Bluetooth or Wifi connection. Or simply provide a print out of the total weight in the container.

iForks Touch comes with a user friendly touchscreen indicator that offers many advanced scale functions. When different containers are loaded simultaneously by different forklifts, iForks Touch provides registers that keep a running total of the weight in each container.