RAVAS WeightsApp: greater convenience when working with your mobile weighing system

The free RAVAS WeightsApp: Data collection from RAVAS weighing systems on your mobile device

New and improved version available for download as from October 26, 2020!

Suppose the indicator of your mobile weighing system is too far away for you to read it directly. How convenient it would be to have the weight displayed in large numbers on your smartphone or tablet. That's exactly what the RAVAS WeightsApp does!

The app also stores the weighed gross weights, along with tare weight, product code, date & time and ID of the device or operator. You can review that data whenever you want. You can also send it to any email address as a CSV file, after which it can be imported in a spreadsheet program on a PC.

Log-in functionality: The new RAVAS WeightsApp requires a log-in for registration, tracking and logging purposes. 

From the app you can:

  • enter the ID of an operator or device
  • enter tares (automatically or manually)
  • zero the weighing system

Date and time are automatically generated. If your Android or IOS device has an integrated barcode scanner, you can use it to enter product IDs.

Malfunction? The log file provides insight

As an additional feature, the app makes it possible to download a log file from the RAVAS indicator and send it for technical analysis as a CSV file in the event of malfunctions.

Free, but of great value

In short, a handy tool to read weights and efficiently save weighings with date, time, and tare values.

Available for Android & IOS

The RAVAS WeightsApp is a free app for smartphones and tablets. It is available for Android & IOS and can be downloaded from Google Play and. You can use the app in combination with the new RAVAS indicators 320 and 520, all of which feature Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) data output as standard.