RAVAS RIS: mobile weighing system integration tool – WMS/ERP

RAVAS Integration Server (RIS) – integration of mobile weighing system with WMS/ERP

Integration of your mobile weighing system with your WMS/ERP system – tremendously complicated and work for specialists? Not with the RAVAS Integration Server (RIS).

After all, this easy-to-use Windows software makes use of RESTful APIs. This means there is no need to call in specialists for complex programming work at ASCII character level. Browser commands are all it takes.

RIS allows you to establish two-way communication between RAVAS mobile weighing systems in a warehouse via a WLAN to any WMS/ERP system. This enables you to efficiently make optimal use of weighing data.

Install it yourself

RIS is easy to install, maintain and expand. The installation can be performed locally by your own software expert. If they need help, RAVAS offers remote support.


The RAVAS RIS software is delivered with a licence key for a one-time payment.