A very accurate weighing hand pallet jack with all basic scale functions and weighs in 0.2 lb steps.
RAVAS ProLine 310

ProLine 310 is meant for all kinds of accurate check weighing, such as checking incoming goods, and filling of drums, containers and big bags.

Industrial weighing scales

Gross/net weighing, zero correction and an adding memory for calculating the total weight per shipment or order. The high quality pallet jack is standard equipped with a quicklift pump and offers the option of a built-in printer that prints both individual weighings and total weights.

Patented precision

The high accuracy of the pallet truck scale is achieved through the use of patented FlexiBolts which absorb torque forces exerted on the forks. This technique assures  that a load on the forks is transferred onto the load cells undistorted and therefore can be measured with high accuracy.