iForks TOUCH

The latest generation wireless scale forks with touchscreen display for weighing on counterbalanced trucks, reach trucks and narrow aisle trucks.
iForks Touch

Accurate and user friendly

iForks Touch is nextgen iForks: scale forks for forklift trucks. Even more accurate than the previous generation, iForks Touch is fitted with a user friendly RAVAS touchscreen indicator that offers many advanced scale functions.



iForks Touch is:

  • Highly accurate: iForks Touch is designed for Flexblock technology, absorbing forces that distort the weight measurement, making the scale highly accurate. iForks Touch can show the weight in 500 gram increments. Tested and certified, iForks Touch can be supplied in legal for trade version, for invoicing based on weight.
  • Easy to operate: The touchscreen lets you operate the indicator in much the same way as a tablet computer. The lay-out of the screen interface can be configured to fit the exact needs of the user.
  • Advanced functions: The following configurator program modules are standard supply on the Touch indicator: weighing, data input, counting, totalizing and recipe weighing. Examples of special features that can be configured are load center measurement, or dimensioning loads by integration with CubeTape.

The advantages of iForks Touch:

  • High accuracy;
  • Many advanced scale functions;
  • Configurable user interface;
  • Programmable for customer specific applications;
  • Standard memory for 50 tare values;
  • Integration with other devices, like CubeTape, barcode scanners (via USB), or PDA;
  • iForks Touch is certified legal for trade, with a maximum of 2000 display graduations and 500 gram as smallest display increment.

iForks Touch is made for complex applications

iForks Touch is highly adaptable to complex applications that include data collection on the lift truck. The scale allows integration with dimensioning devices and can communicate directly with WMS or ERP systems.

iForks Touch is suitable for:

logistic and distribution centers, providing fast and “legal for trade” weight checks;
totalising pallet loads: while loading different freight trucks, the indicator can calculate the current load weight of each individual freight truck;
batching applications and recipe weighing: the weight remains stable even when weighing moving liquids in a container;
waste management applications. Waste flows can be weighed by type. The forklift driver registers the waste type with the weight, and communicates the data set with an ERP system.

Optionally available:

  • Certified legal for trade version;
  • Different fork lengths;
  • Stainless steel forks, for the food or pharma industry;
  • Integration with CubeTape, for dimensioning pallet loads.


iForks Touch offers various possibilities for connectivity: a printer can be installed for printing tickets; the indicator is equipped with a USB port for connecting with an external device or simply for saving weight data on a USB stick; Bluetooth communication can be established with a PDA or truck terminal; direct communication with a WMS or ERP system is possible via WiFi.

Tilt correction

iForks Touch can optionally be fitted with automatic tilt correction, for weighing when the forks are not in horizontal position, e.g. when the truck mast is tilted forward or backward. This ensures high accuracy in any mast position and ease of use for the lift truck driver, without interrupting the process.

Touchscreen indicator

The touchscreen indicator has a configurable user interface and offers optimum usability. Different applications can be called up over the touch screen: weighing, data input, counting, totalizing and recipe weighing. Only those keys actually in use for the application are visible on the screen.

Intelligent iForks touch app calculates load center point

Long loads, e.g. crated machinery, often have load centers that are not positioned in the middle of the load. This may lead to dangerous situations when lifting or moving them, with loads tipping over. For this reason, the load center point of such loads is determined and marked with a special sticker. When shipping such loads, the forwarder is responsible for proper marking. But how can the forwarder accurately know the position of the load center? 

RAVAS developed an application on the Touch indicator that uses the separate input of each load cell in the forks to determine the weight distribution over the load and thereby the position of the load center point. On the touch screen display, the user sees both the weight of the load and the ‘x’ and ‘y’-coordinates of the load center point.