iForks ECONOMY 2.0

Wireless scale for forklift trucks: iForks Economy
iForks Economy

Weighing inbound and outbound goods on your forklift

iForks Economy is the ideal entry model  for getting acquainted with accurate weighing on forklift trucks.  It combines an attractive price level with all the advantages of Performance Line iForks. iForks Economy is completely wireless and can be installed on any lift truck in five minutes.  The driver display in the cabin shows the weight of every load lifted in 5 lb increments. Scale functions include gross and net weighing and total weight per shipment. This makes iForks Economy ideal for checking inbound deliveries and determining shipping weights, directly on the forks of your lift truck.

Do you need to transfer the weight data to a warehouse management system or ERP system?
Do you invoice your customers by weight?
Do you need extended scale functions, for counting parts or printing labels?
Do you need to weigh more frequently than several times per day?

Then have a look at Performance Line iForks!

80 hours of real use on the fork batteries

Each scale fork communicates the weight lifted with the weight indicator in the cabin via Bluetooth, completely wireless. The weighing system is powered by robust, exchangeable battery modules that provide 80 hours of real use. Since the indicator switches off automatically when not used, this means that the batteries are charged only once every few weeks or even months.

Compact fork dimensions

All electronics and power components are exclusively developed by RAVAS for the iForks concept. Which is why they are not only resistant to rough use, but also extremely compact, keeping the fork dimensions (w x h = 5.25 x 2.4 inch) very close to those of standard lift truck forks and making sure that the user does not lose any handling performance.

Basic scale functions

The iForks Economy weight indicator in the cabin shows the weight of the load on the forks and offers a basic range of weighing functions: gross/net weighing, total weight per shipment. iForks offers Digital Calibration Technology: via the keys of the indicator the scale can be digitally adjusted, quickly and accurately. Which makes for a very maintenance friendly weighing system and for low cost of ownership.

Specifications of iForks Economy 2.0

  • Weighing capacity: 5000 lb, Class II only
  • Fork length: 45.3 inch
  • Power supply indicator: 4 AA batteries
  • Optional: Thermal printer, 6 volt, hard wired to the indicator
  • Power supply iForks Economy: Rechargeable battery pack on each fork, for 80 hours of real use.