Bluetooth and WIFI communication


Warehouse trucks and forklift trucks, next to their basic function of material handling equipment, are becoming mobile gates: tools for gathering and communicating information on material flows.

An integrated scale measures the weight of transported goods, a barcode reader identifies the shipment,   and all this data is exchanged with a warehouse management system via truck terminals and wireless networks. Thus information is made available for on-line checking of incoming goods or order picking, for quality control, tracking & tracing, benchmarking and management information.

RAVAS mobile scales are equipped with a RS 232 communication port for communicating the measured weight. Via WiFi connection, this allows data transfer to a WMS or ERP system, either in the form of a question & answer protocol, or via continuous weight transfer. Via Bluetooth, weight data can be communicated with a PDA or handheld terminal, or a wirelessprinter.

For integration of weight information in WMS or ERP systems, RAVAS designed the Unimobile software suite.