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RAVAS is the world leading manufacturer of Pallet Jack Scales. In the 1980’s we already were a pioneer in the field of hand pallet trucks or jacks with scales. Since then, our company has grown fast. We are now the leading producer in an ever-growing market and our products can be encountered under private label and many different OEM liveries, as well as under our own brand. To keep up with the constantly evolving market, we are continuously developing new techniques. In that way, we can keep offering our customers high-quality products and services that are needed. In 2013 we had developed over 27.000 mobile weighing systems like a hand pallet truck with scale, and not only distributed it within Europe, but also to Brazil, Japan, China, the Middle East, South East Asia and the United States. Now, our European market share is 65%. So, when you are looking for hand pallet truck weighing scales, you know which company you should contact; RAVAS.

The advantages of integrated pallet Jack weighing scales

Why invest in mobile weighing scales like hand pallet truck weighing scales? The answer is simple. When mobile weighing scales are integrated in hand pallet trucks, stackers, order picking trucks, reach trucks, forklift trucks and electric pallet trucks, you can weigh during transport. With a hand pallet truck or jack with scale, you can save time, manpower and space. Transporting and weighing can be done at the same time with hand pallet trucks or jacks with scales; it is no longer necessary to drive back and forth to a weighing scale with every pallet or container. Summarized; hand pallet truck weighing scales make your in-house logistics more efficient and cheaper.

Our Pallet Jack Scales

We offer you a great variety of Pallet Jack Scales. When you need a hand pallet truck or jack with a scale, you will find the one you need in our wide range of options. From the RAVAS-110, an ideal model to check weights at goods reception, to the RAVAS Proline Touch, a pallet truck scale with a touch screen indicator. Are your employees working in hazardous surroundings, then you can choose the RAVAS Proline EXi. This hand pallet truck with scale is explosion proof and excellent in hazardous surroundings. For a real cost-conscious solution, please choose the RAVAS-2100-L with which you can check weights several times a day. When you are not sure which pallet jack with scale you should choose, you can contact us for advice. Our expert employees are happy to help you make the right choice for your company.

Service and more information

After you have chosen the right pallet jack with scale for your company, you can count on high quality service delivery. When you are in need of advice, or need a repair, you can call our service team. Our service team is always on the road and will be at your doorstep within a few hours. Of course we deliver high-quality products that have a long lifespan, but for optimal performance, regular maintenance is important. You can close a maintenance contract with RAVAS, based on your equipment and budget. By regularly maintaining your equipment, you can minimize downtime, prevent incorrect weight data and, most importantly, extend the lifetime of your pallet jack with scale. If you are interested in our pallet truck weighing scales, please send us a quotation request. When you need more information or have any questions whatsoever, please do not hesitate to contact us by calling +31 (0)418 515 220. We are happy to help you choose the right mobile weighing system for your company.

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