RCS overload monitors container handling on thinline forks

Vollers is a German logistic service provider specialized in the storing and distributing of coffee and cocoa in the Hamburg port. On their Hyster high capacity forklift they use “quick disconnect” forks for changing from standard 140 x 300 mm profile forks to Thinline forks of only 110 mm thickness, so they can handle 20’ sea containers. When Thinline forks are used, the RCS Overload warning system is operative. 

RCS Overload is a hydraulic measurement system installed onto the hydraulic lifting circuit of the truck. A hydraulic sensor on a T-piece measures the oil pressure. Its signal is translated into a load weight on the display in the cabin. An audio signal goes off when the load on the forks exceeds the limit set on the display. The warning signal only switches off once the driver has taken action and the load drops below the defined limit again.

RAVAS safeline: safety products for forklift trucks

The RCS Overload is the entry model in the RAVAS SafeLine product range. It’s a simple system that measures the load on the forks of the truck, equipped with a warning buzzer that switches on and off at a weight limit, activated via the keyboard of the cabin display. The RAVAS SafeLine also includes more sophisticated safety products that handle more variables, such as load center point, mast tilt and lifting height.

RAVAS-SafeLoad is a hydraulic scale that provides both weight and stability information. It measures the load center point and mast tilt, as well as the load on the forks. On a LED bar that changes from green to yellow to red, it indicates whether it’s safe to lift the load in the current situation: a load picked up close to the carriage plate may result in a yellow light on the LED bar, while the same load picked up on the fork tips results in a red overload warning.